Recommended Marketing Podcasts: My Selection

Wondering which podcast you should follow? Here are my personal favorites shows that I listen during my daily commute.

  1. Marketing Over Coffee: 20-min shows about marketing tips and tricks
  2. Marketing School : 5-min capsules about digital marketing
  3. The Art of Charm: Business and relationship-building skills
  4. The 7-figure CEO Podcast: Interviews with owners of 7-figure companies
  5. ConversionCast: Insiders marketing secrets on conversion
  6. The #AskGaryVee Show: Insights on social media and entrepreneurship
  7. Growth Marketing Toolbox: Growth marketing tools and technology overview
  8. Copyblogger FM: Content marketing and copywriting tips
  9. Stantford Podcast: Lectures on entrepreneurship from famous speakers
  10. The Manager Tools Podcast: Helpful tips for managers and directors

And you, which shows do you follow?


5 Articles You Need to Read (and Watch)

How Seth Godin Would Launch a New Business With $1,000 And 90 Days to Spare

  • Market WITH people, not AT them. Your customers are human beings, just like you.
  • Focus on the smallest audience possible. You can always expand later.
  • Create a remarkable product. If your first 10 customers spread the word about it, you have a winner. If not, collect feedback and start again.
  • Create an abundance of confidence. Give away a huge amount of value for free so people trust you in return.
  • Make a spinner and spin the wheel. There will never be a perfect time to do anything: do something and stick to it.

The importance of navigating change in your organization: Indra Nooyi, PepsiCo Chairman and CEO & Doug McMillon, Walmart President and CEO

Your 6-Month Marketing Action Plan – The Noob Guide to Online Marketing

  • 8 of the core components of an Internet marketing strategy are covered here. You’ll find a brief overview of each and what you should do in the first 6 months.

Will e-commerce destroy the corner shop?

  • If digital commerce is so efficient and convenient why Amazon launched its Amazon Go service, which is a traditional store (with some futuristic features)? Why some retailers with traditional profile, like BestBuy, thrive?

How Chief Marketing Officers Can Innovate With Direct Mail

BONUS: 6 Business Leaders Tell you How to Sell Them

Vigie Web: le top 10 de la semaine…

Vigie Web: Mes 10 trouvailles de la semaine

La folie du Black Friday est passée… c’est maintenant au tour des Fêtes! Vous aurez donc bientôt le temps de travailler sur l’optimisation des “landing page” et de vos communications!

Ce qui m’attire dans un site Web est la façon dont une simple idée est exploitée. En voici quelques uns…

  • Ifttt: IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement, if this then that.
  • Open Yale Courses: Free and open access to introductory courses taught at Yale University.
  • Storify: Don’t get lost in the noise. Discover the voices worth sharing.

Vigie Web: Trouvailles de la semaine

Mes trouvailles du moment:

Et le bonheur continue:


Vigie Web: Top 5 de la semaine

Découverte du jour

Aujourd’hui, ma découverte du jour tombe dans la catégorie du blogueur “instant”. Il écrit de façon imagée et ça respire l’ambition. Et puis, voilà, je vous présente Philip Barclay:

On peut imiter les autres, imiter leur lifestyle, porter les mêmes vêtements qu’eux, ça aide juste pas à comprendre le trajet. Développer une compréhension profonde d’un domaine, ça implique des lectures et des erreurs, beaucoup d’erreurs. 10 ans d’expérience, ça prend environ 10 ans à acquérir, faudrait peut-être commencer maintenant. –

Merci tout spécial à Geneviève Allard et ses chroniques pour la découverte.