5 Marketing Articles to Read

How to Take an Audience-First Approach to Your Content: Learn how your brand can be ready for your audience with the right content at the right time and in the right place.

The Magic of Micro-Copy – UX Design: Microcopy can turn a mundane task into something memorable. In this story, see how microcopy can be used in all sorts of delightful ways (over 15 examples).

What Sending After-Hours Emails Does To Your Productivity

“It wasn’t about the time spent on email; it was assumed availability. Having an anticipation of work created a constant stressor.”

EConsultancy – Introducing the Modern Marketing Model (M3): The increase in new channels and technologies has dramatically changed the environment in which marketers operate. Here is a new report as a reference for what marketing has become.

Marketing is Now Customer Experience’s Champion

Marketing is looking, sounding and feeling less like its traditional role of “demand generation” and more like “experience management.” (…) In order to understand marketing’s new role, one first needs to distinguish between “marketing as a mission and marketing as a department.”

BONUS: Marketing for a New Age: Being Digital vs. Doing Digital

“To move up the digital maturity curve, marketing organizations need to become more agile — it’s about organizing, operating and behaving in a new way.”

Vigie Web: Mes 10 trouvailles de la semaine

La folie du Black Friday est passée… c’est maintenant au tour des Fêtes! Vous aurez donc bientôt le temps de travailler sur l’optimisation des “landing page” et de vos communications!

Ce qui m’attire dans un site Web est la façon dont une simple idée est exploitée. En voici quelques uns…

  • Ifttt: IFTTT is a service that lets you create powerful connections with one simple statement, if this then that.
  • Open Yale Courses: Free and open access to introductory courses taught at Yale University.
  • Storify: Don’t get lost in the noise. Discover the voices worth sharing.

Vigie Web: Trouvailles de la semaine

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